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favorite beauty products of celebrities revealed

Apr 25, 2012 | By: Lorena Dexter C.

You might think your cosmetic regime and that of a celebrity is vastly different, but in fact, it’s likely some of the women you admire use beauty products that are readily accessible to the masses. It turns out their make-up bags are not just stuffed full of exclusive, high-end labels. Some of their favorite products are within reach. 

Jennifer Lopez exudes luxury out of her radiant Latin pores. And yet her signature bronzed glow actually comes courtesy of MAC’s Shaping Powder in “Accentuate.”  At approximately $30, this is a bargain and if you manage to catch just a bit of that famous Lopez light on your skin, it could be worth stocking up! 

Lately Emma Stone’s alabaster complexion and striking green eyes have caught almost as much attention as her comedic gifts. What’s the secret to her best features? She relies on the classically simple Burt’s Bees Ageless Intensive Serum ($16) to keep her skin clear. As for her emerald peepers, she turns to Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir ($30). While not exactly a steal, it draws attention. Try it and you just might gain a few fans yourself. 

Freida Pinto is a high-profile actress for good reason. Her performance in Slumdog Millionaire showcased her magnetic talent and gorgeous looks. Would you believe her number one beauty secret is to use Vaseline petroleum jelly on her eyelids? She swears it gives them extra sheen on or off the red carpet. Chances are this item is already in your bathroom cabinet--who knew it's so versatility? 

Rihanna’s another young woman who turns many a head with her sultry stare. Those penetrating eyes of hers are actually enhanced by Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara ($30). While this tube of lash-shiviousness does not come cheap, it's worth the splurge if you’re determined to stand out. 

Luckily, celebrity make-up is not just reserved for the young. At 51 years old, Julianne Moore exudes a graceful depth of experience and a timeless innocence at the same time. Could Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride ($30) be partly to blame? Moore says this is her default product for a rosy, natural hue. It could be yours, too. 

Clearly, even women of great means are using cosmetics that you can get at your nearest drug or department store. Isn’t it comforting to know you could have something in common with these famous icons? Consider the possibility the next time you need to replenish your own make up bag.



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