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We love them. We hate them. We can’t get enough of them. How do celebrities achieve their flawless looks, captivating style, and ageless glow? For the inside track on the closely guarded beauty secrets of the fabulously rich and famous, look no further than Beauty MD.

How Much Does It Cost To Look Like Kim Kardashian?

Everyone loves to talk about Kim Kardashian. In a nutshell, the 31 year-old ex-model’s homemade sex-tape gained enough attention to land her a top-rated reality television show. Clothing lines, fragrance tie-ins and a scandalous short-lived marriage...

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5 Amazing Celebrity Beauty Transformations

Most celebrities will deny getting any type of work done and tend to keep their cosmetic surgery discreet...

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Loud And Proud: Celebs Who Swear By Cosmetic Surgery

Not often is the case when celebrities will actually admit to having any cosmetic surgery done. Most...

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The Top Celebrity Insured Body Parts

From guaranteeing Hollywood screen goddess Bette Davis’ teeny-tiny waist against expansion to protecting...

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Under the Radar: Little-Known Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

It’s always a god feeling to know that the beautiful people staring back at us from the TV, the...

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Who Has The Best Breasts In Hollywood?

Say what you will about actresses wanting to be taken seriously and looked upon as ‘thespians of...

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Rising Star: Hollywood Celebs Who Have Benefited From Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to Hollywood, unemployed actresses will do almost anything to land that big role that brings...

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Think there's no escaping the ravages of time? Think again. Prolong your youthful looks by avoiding these five early agers.

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