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how much does it cost to look like kim kardashian?

Apr 26, 2012 | By: L.D. Madziag

Everyone loves to talk about Kim Kardashian. In a nutshell, the 31 year-old ex-model’s homemade sex-tape gained enough attention to land her a top-rated reality television show. Clothing lines, fragrance tie-ins and a scandalous short-lived marriage have kept the socialite on the front pages of gossip mags, helping make her one of the most profitable and successful reality stars ever. 

But that’s not what we love to discuss. What we love about this Kardashian is her gorgeous body, and more specifically, Kim Kardashian’s butt and boobs—all enhanced and maintained by a mix of a number of supposed (and denied) cosmetic and plastic surgeries. 

Let’s face it. Some might say Kim Kardashian is a natural beauty, with her mix of Armenian and Scottish background . . . But really, just how much of it is natural? The safe bet lies on ‘probably not as much as you’d think’. 

The truth of the matter is that to look as hot as Kim Kardashian a lot of effort and dedication is needed—as well as a hefty increase on your credit card balance. 

That’s right. You better refresh the batteries on your calculator because we’re about to figure out how much it costs to look like Kim Kardashian. From her butt all the way up to her face. 

It all comes down to this: 

Body Sculpting

  • $22000: total cost for Kim Kardashian’s Brazilian butt lift ($17000) and breast augmentation ($5000).
  • $16500: for a 6 week exercise program with Beverly Hills celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, and a membership with Madonna’s former trainer Tracy Anderson (does not include $900 monthly fees).
  • $1032: average total cost for laser hair removal ($395 - $895), manicures, pedicures, nail polish, and full body spray tan ($137).
  • $1500: Hair extensions. 

Kim Kardashian’s Face

  • $5575: Botox treatment, nose job (rhinoplasty) and collagen or restylane lip injections.
  • $163: total cost for (monthly) facials, eyebrow threading, false eyelashes & eyelash curler, and color contacts.
  • $335: estimated cost for beauty-enhancing products that Kim uses regularly, such as foundation, powder, concealer, blush, brow pencil, clear brow gel, highlighter, mascara, pencil, eyeshadow, lipgloss and lipstick. 

That Famous Hairstyle

  • $550: oddly enough, Kim Kardashian’s hair is one of her less-expensive beauty secrets. The cost includes a cut with Philip Wolff of Shades Salon and color with Rebecca Friedman of Goodform Salon.
  • $48: Neuma shampoo & conditioner. 

$48602: the grand total of what it costs to look like Kim Kardashian! 

But hey, last time we checked the celebutante, who also doubles as Paris Hilton’s best friend, is back on the market and looking quite fresh.



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