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how to ensure a speedy recovery after surgery

Apr 25, 2012 | By: L.D. Madziag

Make no mistake, the final decision to undergo any plastic surgery procedure is a very personal and individual choice to make, one that requires careful consideration and a significant amount of time spent on extensive research. 

Here’s the deal. When you first meet with your board-certified and skilled plastic surgeon for a consultation, he or she will discuss with you all surgical possibilities. You’ll get to know each other fairly well as together you will cover all that you’ll need to prepare for prior to surgery, what the process consists of during surgery, and, especially, your expectations for the final postoperative outcome. 

Treat this as a big step in your life—an adventure that can inspire an entire lifestyle change. The best way to head into this experience, once again, is to be well-prepared, not just prior to your surgery, but, more significantly, to know exactly what to expect during your recovery. 

This is very important. You will want to avoid all complications and your recovery should be as stress-free and relaxed as possible. Find out from your doctor exactly how to ensure a speedy recovery after surgery. 

In essence, you will need to be quite adaptable and resourceful for a certain, prolonged period of time. Here are some aspects of the recovery period to think about: 

  • Quite simply, the extent of your recovery will depend on the extent of your surgery. If you had a lot of work done, or if your procedure was combined with others, then you should expect and prepare for temporary bruising, swelling and soreness in all areas that were treated. 
  • Certain restrictions to your lifestyle—and again, depending on the type of surgery—will be necessary. A few of the common things you will need to refrain from include: strenuous exercise, bending over, sexual activity, moving too quickly etc. 
  • Showering, bathing and sleeping habits will have to be temporarily adapted specific to the procedure performed. 
  • Alcohol and smoking will only prolong your recovery period. It is wise to steer clear of these substances. 
  • Be sure to fill all prescriptions prior to your surgery. Believe it or not, having them all handy and organized is essential to a speedy recovery. 
  • Simply put: do not take any medication without consulting with your plastic surgeon. This includes over-the-counter medication. A lot of common painkillers have blood-thinning components and should be avoided at all cost. 
  • Exercise is still important! Although your movement will be limited, long walks are a good idea to immediately reduce the chance of blood clotting. 
  • One of the best ways to help the recovery period is to have help during recovery. In other words, a close friend, family member or medical aide could definitely be beneficial, especially in cases where the surgery was quite invasive and extensive. 

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with an exclusive list of expectations and instructions for your recovery period. It is quite important you refer to this list as much as possible as this alone will help ensure a recovery as speedy and stress-free as possible.



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