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what really makes a beautiful face?

Apr 26, 2012 | By: L.D. Madziag

Have you ever found yourself constantly being drawn to a certain color, and by that I mean one worn by someone you can’t keep your eyes off of? As you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can all wear an article of clothing in a particular color that brings out our amazing eyes, enhances the shine in our hair, or just flatters our complexion. 

Of course, many colors flatter many types in several different ways, but recent studies have found that one particular color influences human behavior unlike any other. Oh yes, the color red has been linked to all sorts of salacious and scandalous conduct (or miss-conduct) for centuries now. 

Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona, Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D., R.D., recently wrote in Psychology Today that “red is an amazingly emotional color conjuring feelings of anger, love, embarrassment, fear and domination.” She goes on to add that red clothing is regarded as a “power color,” contributing to an appearance considered sexy by both men and women, as red has a distinct relationship with sexuality. She notes that fertility and attractiveness were symbolized with the use of red-plant pigments on a woman’s face as far back as 10,000 BC. 

That’s quite the history that humanity shares with this devilishly delicious glow. But what does this have to do with your face? Well, right off the bat, Cartwright writes, “our brains are wired to recognize rosy red faces as a sign of health and vigor.” Thus, making one immediately more attractive to those who instinctively pick up on this vibrant hue. 

You’ve probably heard the references “blushing bride” or “rosy cheeked-baby” before. It seems that we as humans, without really being cognizant of the fact, have been associating good health and attractiveness with a rosy glow since the beginning of time. In fact, several dozen studies have proven time and again that the human eye possesses the extraordinary capability to recognize even the slightest change in a person’s complexion. 

Simply put, the rosier your cheeks, the healthier and more beautiful your face. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ways to incorporate this type of cheekiness to your daily appearance: 


The bottom line is that refined sugars and fatty foods age your skin, make you look tired and increase your wrinkles. You’ve heard the saying before: you are what you eat. The hard truth is that if you constantly eat unhealthy and processed food then, you are going to look unhealthy. To look healthy you need to eat healthy. Cut back on sugar and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Just 5 simple servings per day will make a huge impact on the texture and glow of your skin. Write yourself a weekly meal plan that’s heavy on:
  • Greens and all sorts of berries and other fruit
  • Nuts, seeds and legumes
  • Salmon, cod, trout or other fish
  • Whole grains
  • Spices that are high on antioxidants such as curry and cinnamon
  • Vitamin D, found in supplements or low fat dairy products
  • Water, water, and more water

These skin friendly foods are loaded with oxygen-promoting folic acid and iron, omega 3 fats that help keep skin free of blemishes, and vitamin B, which is essential to healthy skin growth. 


You may not like the idea of exercise, but exercise likes the idea of you. Over time, once you reap the benefits of a weekly workout regime, you will find it tough to give up. Exercise encourages blood flow to the body’s tissues and to the face, enhancing that healthy and rosy glow for hours after you leave the gym.

Outer Beauty: 

As you may expect, exercise will have a long lasting effect on your outer beauty, but to prolong that healthy glow, wearing sunscreen is a great way to start. After all, exposure to the sun can give you a great tan, but it can also cause long-term skin damage. And don’t just apply sunscreen to your face. The sun’s rays will dry and age any exposed skin, including your hands and feet. As an added bonus, look for sunscreen or skin bronzer that doubles as a moisturizer. Keep your skin as oxygenated, clean and moisturized as possible. And don’t forget to wipe off dead skin cells with a daily cleanser or exfoliator. And to prevent breakouts be sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly.

Inner Beauty: 

Finally, don’t forget that sometimes the best way to give the appearance of youth and health is to feel that way. And the best way to feel young and healthy is to partake in activities that make you happy (by the way, it’s a biological proven fact that regular exercise will make you feel healthy by stimulating the production of endorphins). No matter what products you use, the most beautiful face always glows brightest when you radiate from the inside out.


It’s always wise to take a break as well. Adequate sleep and simple rest and relaxation are not only great, but necessary to maintaining a rosy complexion. And don’t forget to treat yourself. What better way to maintain your beautiful, smiling face than a day at the spa with an oxygenating facial and a glass of wine?



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