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Every woman aspires to confidence, style, and a lasting beauty that reaches inside and out. How do we define feminine beauty, and how are today’s women choosing to redefine the concept and living their lives to the fullest? BeautyMD brings you the latest news and views.

Get Back Into Shape After Giving Birth

A recent study found that over 60 percent of mothers surveyed admit to considering a tummy tuck procedure in order to regain the body they had had before pregnancy. A tummy tuck removes the excess fat and tissue that has settled around the abdomen and...

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The Components of Fitness

Wellness beyond “Bikini Season” When we set out to define our fitness goals, we usually look...

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Yoga Decoded: 5 Easy Tips For Getting Your ‘Om’ On

Yoga is huge right now. It makes your body feel good and it makes you feel good about your body. But...

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Do Men Find Very Skinny Women Attractive?

What is brown and sticky? A stick. What do you call two sticks with rouge? A fashion show. Have you ever...

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The Last 10 Pounds: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself As You Continue To Battle The Bulge

Weight loss can be an uphill battle, and just when you start to get close to your goal, that hill seems...

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Make A Good First Impression, Anytime, Anywhere

The next time you're tempted to schlep to Starbucks sans makeup, remember you may find yourself...

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Surprise! The Body Shape Men Really Find Attractive (Hint: It Is Not What You Think)

Here’s some good news, especially if you’re struggling to lose those last five pounds:  Contrary...

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lifestyle Top 5 Things That Age You

Think there's no escaping the ravages of time? Think again. Prolong your youthful looks by avoiding these five early agers.

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